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World Muslimah Beauty 2012

"Run when u can, walk when u have to, crawl if u must, just never give up."

Assalamualaikum :)
it's a very freshening morning, alhamdulillah. started the day with a hot coffee and a half piece of chocolate doughnut. i'll bake a pancake later at 9 for breakfast. well this is quite a random start for a new blog post, eh? :p this morning is just too peaceful to tell. i had a productive sleep last night after the hockey practice. sport is just a way of life. do not know why i have always loved sport since...i can remember me knowing sport ^^

so what's this post gonna be about?
here we go fellas :D

i recently joined this competition for young muslimah, called World Muslimah Beauty 2012. now why did i joined this form of competition? there seems to be a lot to explain, let's get it done one by one, shall we? :)

first, i think this would be great for boosting up my self-confidence. not that i am not confident, but i believe by this concrete kind of way, by this kind of event, i can always redefine my purpose of life. my ambition, my sense of determination toward achieving my fullest self actualization, and i could always find that spirit in me to be later on contributing to the society. with my specialty and capabilities of course. showing (and hopefully proving) to the world about what i can offer will just give a tremendous motivation for me to keep on increasing my knowledge, broadening my perspective, expanding my horizon, and growing that eagerness within myself to bloom. mentally and spiritually. i love to be motivated in any kind of way :)

confidence is one's hardest barrier to face. i have been growing up as kid who knows no confidence nor appreciation of oneself. getting used to be bullied and faced mockery, being denigrated or underestimated, yet  had taken me into some sort of dark side of any person can be. but i'm not talking about major darkness like drugs, alcohol or that kind of stuff. no. masha Allah, no. imagine a picture of a lost girl in the middle of nowhere facing an everyday life matter, not knowing the purpose of her existence. i admit that i was in confusion. my physical appearance was okay but mentally it says:
for several years i have tried so hard and i've been fighting to build and reclaim that self confidence within myself. this might sound exaggerated, but what i've been trying to say is that despite the very loving and supportive family environment, there was this little tear drop for every smile i pictured (hehe a bit too sinetron boleh lah) and a little bit ache in every step of the way i took. so for people who likes to make fun of other people, tell jokes that hurt others, please stop. you will never know what that person hides inside, and you will never know how every single words that comes out of your mouth would only make her a step closer to her edge of falling, yet worse, crashing. 

so the last two paragraph shows the un-prettiness of life, now let's move on to the lighter side of the room, yes? :)

I like sunrises, Mondays, & new seasons. God seems to be saying, "With me you can always start afresh." ~Ada Lum

i am just very glad of the life i'm having right now. the tough years of my childhood had taken me somewhere beautiful, full of hopes and possibilities of brighter days. i learned the true meaning of hassles, sacrifices, surviving, and most importantly, to feel a pure love. a love that you can only sense with family, friends, brotherhood, your beliefs, and most importantly, your God. it would take too long i guess, to tell you about everything here. but just to give you guys a picture, i couldn't be happier than today. 

"A fall, a crash, or a disappointment is just Life's way of showing us what we're made of!"

my pray would always go for the other unfortunate people out there. hang in there guys, hope is on its way. one day i would be one of those people who alleviate poverty. Indonesia is just too beautiful to be a country that has many stifling poverty problems. that is one of the strongest reason why i have chosen Ilmu Ekonomi (economic science) / Ekonomi Studi Pembangunan as my major at university. i guess it is that kind of 'calling' when you are about to take the admission test in university. i survived because of the people. i live for the people.

"A wasted life is the saddest form of suicide."

and if you wished to see the complete story behind this, go ahead :)

To reach a self actualization, would be the main motivation for me joining this event.  I have always been interested with the inner beauty that a Muslimah can potentially have and spread to all around her. I believe that World Muslimah Beauty is aimed for the young girls to search their potential and cope it with the virtue of being a Muslimah. Muslimah is expected to inspire other through their lightning personality, their humbleness, and their obediently worship to Allah SWT. She contributes for the world using her genuine capabilities. She never stops learning and she improves herself to be worth living for the world. Not only beautiful and stylish on the outside, but also the heart is purified by a never ending pray. For I believe by joining the World Muslimah Beauty, I can search and find, yet to also realize the true beauty within myself, so that a world’s better Muslimah can once again be born through this.   

My Hijab Experience
As far of my concerned, I have been using hijab since I was a little girl. My mother has taught me that using hijab, you cover your most precious property, that can only be seen by certain people according to Allah’s rule (your family and your muhrim). It s all in order to protect women’s dignity, I believe. One experience that has always stays in my memories is at the time when I had to live in the USA just after I graduated elementary school. My mother gave me options of continuing to wear my hijab, or take it off, since the condition in there was not tranquil at the moment. She was afraid that I was going to be bullied, or thought as a terrorist back in the day. But I decided to defend my hijab. The whole undergone year was quite tough for me. For the first time in life I had to accept and adapt being an outcast. But I was never disparaging myself for being different. I treat everything and everyone the same, so I guess that is what makes other people respect my belief too. By living in the neighborhood of which everyone was different from me, has made me realize the importance of my hijab for my existence and I came to a deep bond and respect to my hijab. Now as I grow older, I am trying at my hardest to not only just wear the hijab, but also bring into line the behavior I suppose to have as a Muslimah.   

My Vision and Mission as The World Muslimah Beauty 2012
I believe WMB is aimed for the young girls to attain their best potential & cope it with the virtue of being a Muslimah. Muslimah inspires other through their lightning personality, humbleness, & obediently worship to Allah SWT. She contributes for the world using her genuine capabilities. She never stops learning & she improves herself to be worth living for the world. Beautiful & stylish on the outside yet the heart is purified by a never ending pray. That is my vision & mission as WMB 2012.

and out of it all, i really want to make my parents & family proud. in any kind of way. 

to conclude it all, please send your support through commenting me on this page:
you can comment me about anything. or showin' some love and support would be awesome ;) really do appreciate for your time taking on helping me

Wassalamualaikum :)

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